Discover the new features in Discover!

Discover is the best place to start your research and we’ve added some new features to it to help you search for information and articles:

  • We’ve moved our A-Z eJournals list into Discover so you can enter the title of a journal and search within it.
  • The Subject Support pages’ Discover search box enables you to search resources just for your subject area.
  • A few of the databases we subscribe to aren’t searchable from Discover. So , to find these, click on Other Resources for your Subject on the right hand side of the Search Results in Discover.
  • Research Starters can be useful to help when you are at the first stages of your research. These are encyclopedia descriptions of popular terms to provide a basic understanding of the subject. They also link to other key terms which you can use to perform a more in-depth search.
  • Remember if you want to retrieve your search results or articles you’ll need the permalink! This is a permanent and stable link that will last. Don’t just copy the URL from your browser’s address bar as this won’t work after you have closed your session.

Check out all of these videos for more information on these features in Discover!

It’s best to create a My EBSCOhost account to save your search results (EBSCO is the provider of Discover). Once you have registered an account you can add articles to your folder to easily access the ones you want to view. Don’t save your results to the temporary folder as anything saved here will be lost when you log out of your session. For more information about saving your search results check out this video

If you need any more help with any of these aspects of Discover then We are also aware that some people are experiencing issues with accessing Discover depending on which internet browser they are using. We have provided some information about alternative ways of accessing it to help with this.



Intermittent problems accessing some eresources including Discover

Apologies but there is an intermittent issue in accessing Discover and some of the online resources, using certain browsers, with certain operating systems.

If you are struggling to access any of our online resources, please read our advice below, as we appreciate how important this is for our off-campus students.

  • Using Google Chrome and Windows 10


If you are receiving an error message stating ‘Your connection is not private’ please do not worry.  It is safe to click on ‘ADVANCED‘ bottom left of page on the webpage and then ‘Proceed anyway‘ to the site.

Alternatively please use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to access the resources rather than Google Chrome.


  • Internet Explorer and Windows 7 or 8


Unfortunately there are also intermittent problems in trying to access Discover using Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge.  If the page isn’t displaying/or is blank please initially try an alternative browser, such as Google chrome or Mozilla Firefox.  If still no luck please clear your browsing history and cookies.

If you still cannot access any of our resources including Discover and eJournals – please contact the Library or the Offsite team within the Library, direct.

We have reported these issues and are continuing to follow this up with our IT department and suppliers – and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.  We are hopeful it will be fully resolved by mid-February.