Joined Offsite, but not sure why?

The first few weeks of term fly by with information overload and as a Distance Learner or student based off campus, you might have joined the Offsite Library service – but forgotten.  Or no idea why you did.  Or indeed what it is..  Please see our newly updated video:  What is the Offsite Service

To recap; we can help you with posting books, emailing ejournals & book chapters (that aren’t available online), logging in, accessing resources, renewing books, placing books on hold, accessing Office 365 etc etc etc – please do get in touch

Thanks you for those of you that joined Offsite, we have registered over 300 students since the start of September – our highest ever number (by a distance..).  We love helping you, but it does mean that we have to work faster than ever 😉

If you haven’t and are on an eligible course you can join the Offsite service at any point of your award at Leeds Beckett University – be great to get 400 registered students!


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