Just about to start your dissertation?

Are you just about to start your dissertation, maybe feeling a bit swamped at the prospect of all the information you’ll need to find? Don’t worry, help is at hand……

If you can’t remember how to search for resources on a specific subject, or you’re finding it difficult to track down resources in your area, you may find it helpful to contact the relevant Academic Librarian. They’re expert at locating information in their subject areas. You can contact Academic Librarians by phone or by email and their details can be found by going to the Library homepage, clicking on ‘Subject support’, then Subject Guides A to Z, then finding the subject guide which corresponds with the course which you are studying.

Subject Guides

In addition to contacting your Academic Librarian, you may be considering how you will analyse your final research data. The Library website gives information about the statistical software package SPSS, which many students choose to use. Go to the Library homepage, click on IT Support, then Software, then click on the button for ‘Help with SPSS‘. As well as being available as a DVD on loan, SPSS can also be loaded online, and the Library webpage gives information on how to do this.


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